Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Time Tanning

So summer is here and some people are tanning, while others are frying. The smart ones (or insanely over worked) are staying indoors and maintaining their fancy natural skin tone.

Unfortunately for the avid Equestrian fan, the summer tan/burn causes some exciting markings, that last a little longer than we would like! An equestrian's summer tan markings can easily be compared to the ones naturally occurring in the Equine Species. Sadly for us, these markings aren't as attractive on humans!!!

A couple of unique rider tan lines compared to our horsie friends are:

Pasty Legs- this equals 2 hind socks (please excuse the muddy feet- this is my horse and it was a muddy winter day!!!)

Glove Tans= 2 front socks

Hat Tan= Medicine Hat- Imagine that the "Hat" is a person's hair and the face is nice and protected from the sun

(this is seriously the cutest looking tiny pony!!)

Sunglasses tan= poultice face
Liaison did something to his leg (I can't remember what) and he reached down to scratch his face and in the process covered his eye in poultice! I couldn't find a picture of a horse with sunglasses type of markings (was going to look at more paints) but decided that this would be funny enough :)

Everyone's "favorite tan"- the Farmer's tan-cute little paint baby standing with someone who could very well be on his way to getting a REAL farmer's tan!!!

And then the Last Tan (that I can currently think of- though I'm sure there are more) is the:

"I have holes in my clothes and forgot to put sunscreen on those spots" tan

So remember this summer- wear your sunscreen, wear your hat, and hope that you don't start looking like your horse!!!

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