Friday, September 30, 2011

There's a Hole in my Pants Dear Liza, Dear Liza

Today one of my favorite pair of riding pants developed a hole in the wrong place. My poor pants are so threadbare from wearing them day in and day out that it was inevitable. This is part of the reason I hate how expensive riding pants can be!!! Why would I pay $100+ for a pair of pants that are going to get ripped up, worn out, dirty as hell, and faded??? Maybe it's because I buy cheap pants, but I doubt that is the reason they wear our so quickly- my poor pants just can't take a break!!! It's more likely related to my limited supply of pants because I am to cheap to buy new ones!!! I am always looking for a deal (thanks Tack of the Day...sometimes) and rarely find what I'm looking for- normal cotton pants. Cotton Naturals are my favorite and most of the time are quite durable- heck I had a pair of show pants that I think I wore for 5+ years, hunting, showing, and clinicing, and finally the knees wore out (and I got to fat to fit in them, thanks College, thanks) So naturally I went back to Cotton Naturals and bought more pants. They don't quite make them the same way as they use to, or I'm wearing mine way to much- both could be a reason why my pant selection has dwindled down to three pairs of pants, rotating through. 

Since my threadbare blue pair developed a hole in a very uncomfortable place (think potential saddle pinching) I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy some new pants. My most favorite pair of pants I got on Tack of the Day and while I love the sight it also depresses me because these amazing pants CAN NOT BE FOUND ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!! I looove them!!! I love how well they last, I love the material, I love the colors, I just LOVE THESE PANTS!!!! But they were a clearance item and can not be found anywhere :( Why Tack of the Day did you have to sell me the most amazing riding pants ever and make me fall in love with a discontinued riding pant??? I'm crying here!!! hahaha... just kidding... but have yet to see a pair or pants on that site that could compare to the "Most Fav"pants in price and sizes. Don't get me wrong- they have great prices for the pant, but I'm not willing to spend $100 on a $200 pair of pants!!! Don't care if I'm saving $100- I won't spend over $50- and that better be a really special riding pant!!! Maybe I'm just to frugal sometimes??? hahaha- oh well... I guess I need to bite the bullet and order some new pants.... but not quite yet ;)

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