Saturday, October 1, 2011

Are Pictures Worth a Thousand Words??

Basically my entire life somehow revolves around horses (much to my grandparents chagrin) but I do have other hobbies, one of them is photography. Most of the time I feel like I get pretty lucky with a shot, as in not really sure why it turned out so well, but it did...luck. I see pictures of professional photographers and I can't help but drool. The way the capture the emotion just makes me want to fall out of my chair with yearning. If I could design the perfect life, I'd be a professional photographer that happens to ride horses. But since I have not quite found the niche of this so called "perfect life" I can continue dreaming and hopefully one day get there! So as a quest to become a better photographer I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures from over the years. Some might have horses in them, but not all do- this is part of a "challenge" posted by a Chronicle of the Horse Forum poster to blog about something non horsey- so here goes my "challenge" :)

"An Irish Road Trip"

Ok so here is a picture I took back in the summer of 2008 when I was living in Galway Ireland. I had a student working visa that allowed me to work, live, and play for 5 months before coming back to the states. While I was there I met 3 Canadians, 1 Aussie, 3 Irish neighbors, and 1 Irish girl. Ok so I met more people than that, but these were the people that I hung out with basically the entire time. This picture is of my Canadian roommate, Liz, standing on top of the Cliffs of Moher.

Irish Road Signs- good luck if you don't have a map!!
Galway is seriously the best location for staying on the west side of Ireland because it is the most central to all the tourist sites. The Cliffs were an easy easy day trip from the city, and you can easily catch a tour bus that will run you to the cliffs and back, and stopping at various other attractions along The Burren.

The Burren- yes that's what the ground
 looks like, cracks and all!!
The "Coast Road" to the Cliffs

one of the Portal Tombs sprinkled across Ireland
A tourist attraction on the way to the Cliffs!

Aussie Susy waving from "the other side"

But this day Aussie Susy, Canadian Liz, and I took a little road trip with a rental car on loan (don't tell the rental car company!!) took off on one the few true blue days to go sightseeing. We had a great time hiking out past the sign that read "Do Not Go Past This Point" (because lets face it, the sign was only for legal reasons, everyone goes hiking past that point!!!)

plants along the cliffs

cute older couple enjoying the day

When we got fairly far the sky suddenly started to turn an ugly black so back towards the visitor center we went- and thank goodness for our perfect timing! Literally seconds from opening up the door into the visitor center (that looks like a little Hobbit home because it was built into the side of a hill) it started pouring and thundering!!! Now it does rain a lot in Ireland but RARELY does it thunder!!! So our gorgeous blue day was interrupted by a short thunderstorm, but on the drive back to Galway it allowed us to see some of the most amazing full rainbows... oh Ireland how I do miss you!!!

Rainbow on the way home

And even though this was suppose to be a horseless post I couldn't help myself- this is Ireland after all and horses are a part of the scenery!!! These two cuties were hanging out in a pasture right next to the coastal road we drove down! So naturally we stopped and took pictures :)

the lunar landscape that is The Burren in the background

This is Ireland- horses are a part of the scenery!

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