Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Perks of Google, Facebook, and Horses

Chimi a couple months after I got him

I am in the process of updating my blog so it is more informative than it currently is. Well in the process of filling out basic profiles for my ponies I realized I'd never googled Chimi's sire and dam. I don't know a lot about breeding, tracing bloodlines and pedigrees, but I do think it's kind of fun to look around and see what is out there! So with endless possibilities in mind I headed to Google started my search for Chimi's parents- Coromino x Liza's Lady Jane (Our Home Port).

First up- Chimi's sire- Coromino. This was easy! As soon as I typed Coromino in the Google search a list of options to search popped up! On just the first page I found a YouTube video of his 100 Day Stallion Test, his very own COTH Post, and a Facebook page!!!! After spending way to much time looking at pictures of Coromino and his babies I sent them a message letting them know I had a 2003 baby out of Cory and sent them a few pictures of Chimi. The lady who manages the page replied and unfortunately she didn't know anything about any baby pre 2005 because that was when his current owner bought him. But I've been really enjoying reading about other Cory babies. There are a few babies that are eventing, some are Dressage stars, and others show jumpers. So basically Coromino babies can do it all!!!!

Everything I've read about Coromino babies seems to follow a trend of nice movers, great jumpers, and fabulous brains. (Chimi checks out in those three categories!) I'm kind of excited to find out that Chimi has such a fancy dad. I never thought I'd own a horse with fancy parents!

As for Chimi's dam- Liza's Lady Jane- all I could find was her TB pedigree. This bodes well for Chimi's potential eventing career :) That's about all I know or can find about her. I'm not a very skilled Google searcher so someone with better skills might be able to find out more about her but for now I'm quite content with knowing she's a TB.

It was a fun night of googling ponies and seeing other Coromino babies out there doing some fun stuff. Just hope that I can add Chimi to the list of accomplished Cory babies!


  1. ooh nice sleuthing! Coromino is super handsome!

    1. I agree! Coromino is quite a looker :)

  2. You can find his dam's race record here:

    She never won, or even ran very well, but still cool to look at!