Friday, July 10, 2020

So This Happened.... BABY!!!!

Soooooooo yes. I have been keeping it under wraps for 11 months now b/c I didn't want to let myself get to excited. But I bred Marley last year and the little filly arrived this morning at 3:30ish!!!

I love her ears!!!!
So far Marley has proved to be a wonderful mom and is constantly nickering for Baby Yet To Be Named (I had the perfect boy named picked out but have been struggling with the girl name) and now we're waiting on the vet to arrive to do all the vet things required after foaling.

Those tiny nostrils!!! Squeee!!!

Baby Daddy is an Irish Draught named Cappa Aviator and sadly was gelded the day before Marley's 1st pregnancy check so the 4 foals born this year are his only crop. Luckily we snuck in and was able to have a foal by him.

Hope you enjoy the baby pictures!!!! I will be posting endless pictures to my instagram so if you need a cuteness check look there and maybe I'll come up with a name soon!

"What sorcery is this!!!!" exclaims Chimi 


  1. sooo i saw your insta and immediately scratche my head and went did I not know about this. Good to know it was you being sneaky and not me losing my damn mind...hahaha CONGRATS (I may have gone to look for your blog immediately do not judge me : HA she is GORGEOUS SO MUCH EXCITEMENT :)

  2. How cute, a little grayby! She's adorable.