Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bullet Points of the AEC's

I will go into more detail later but the general results of the AEC's go like this…

Best dressage test ever with Chimi!

I suck at time management and f'd up my xc start time which potentially resulted in me screwing up how I rode through the water at 7 (it was a not so simple water crossing) and Chimi spooked at the 2 jumps in front which resulted in a clear round… oh wait… they changed my results a couple hours later and gave me 20 penalties for a stop at the water… grrrrrrrr… angry face…sad face… accepting face… ( must go through the 6 stages of grief over a jump hahaha!)

Stadium was in the fancy ass George Morris arena and woohoo a clear round!!! Even cantered past the scary Land Rovers parked in the middle of the ring!

Happy with results overall even if I was a bit disappointed with the stop on xc. I did try to argue it but it didn't work. But at the end of the weekend I came home with smiles and a happy healthy horse so what more could I ask for? There is always next time for a ribbon!!! (We would of been 7th if they hadn't counted the stop)

Headed to jump 15 at the AEC's