Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Chimi Conspires Against Me

All summer long Chimi has been enjoying the fruits of benign neglect. He has kept his shoes on and done nothing but eat and romp around the pasture.

Looking at Lake Paddock from the road in camp

The last day of camp was Fri and Thurs night he pulled his front right shoe off. Whatevs, didn’t have time to ride this weekend anyways. Farrier comes out Saturday and trims/shoes all 4 feet (he was due anyways) Life is good now, right?


Wrong. This morning the horses came in to eat and Chimi seemed fine walking into the barn. I didn’t pay a lot of attention but nothing out of the ordinary caught my eye. I went to turn him out and noticed he was acting a little funny on his back right foot. I picked up his foot and sure enough the bad pony had pulled his shoe and stepped on his clip 😭 Farrier came out and pulled the shoe bc it was so damn tight on his hoof I couldn’t do it. (He just got new shoes 3 days ago!!!) He walked off a bit sore so farrier decided not to put the shoe back on quite yet so I soaked, wrapped, and poulticed it to draw any abscess out. Hopefully he’ll be fine by Thurs bc farrier is leaving for the weekend and it’d be nice to have a shoe back on!!!

I guess Chimi wasn’t ready to get back to work? 

Friday, August 3, 2018

Cuddle Bug

How is it August??????? Geez this summer has flown by!!!! But a quick update for you guys… (also side note if this post looks wonky it’s bc I’m using my phone to write and post it)

Chimi is doing quite well despite the foot explosions he had back in April/May. He technically has been cleared to ride but I haven’t had time to ride because of work. Unfortunately my summers are basically a joke bc I spend all my waking daylight hours at a summer camp running the barn and riding program and pretty much pass out as soon as I get home at night. I have a 3 day break right now and I had great plans to get back in the saddle and start prepping for the fall but the weather decided it had other plans for me! I woke up Tues morning and looked at my phone with a lovely “Flash Flood watch until Thurs 8PM” Arrrrrgggg!!!!!! I have to be back to work on Fri!!!! Oh well such is life! (Oh and it’s Friday and STILL raining!!!!!!! Like monsoon rain! Not just a lovely soft drizzle)

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Chimi has been enjoying his time off but I think he’s ready to get back to work. He’s always such a good boy but right now he’s being extra affectionate. He loves attention but with my crazy schedule (gone by 8:00am and home between 6:45 and 10:00pm Monday- Saturday) he hasn’t been getting as much. So when I do see him he genuinely looks excited to see me. Even though that’s also related to feeding he will try and get cuddles after he has finished his food instead of peacing out to the pasture to eat. When I open the gate to the big field at night he stops and waits for me to give him extra hugs and a good scratch before sauntering out to munch on the grass. I really do love this giant cuddle bug and can’t wait to get back to riding again!!!

Coming in from the endless rain…