Friday, June 7, 2019

Spare Tires...

One lesson I learned last weekend was why you should always have two spare tires for your trailer

WHY?!?!?! My poor brand newish tire!!! Sidewall puncture...  bye bye tire...

Yep. That happened. No idea how, but either way when I pulled up to my destination I had one flat ass tire! Thankfully it was on the right side and I only had 1 horse in the trailer so hopefully the rim is still good to go?

I had all my tire things in the trailer so I felt pretty confident being able to get the tire changed and back on the road. Thankfully the barn manager where I was came out and helped me change the tire (he was soooooo much faster at it than I would of been!) and as I was rolling my spare tire over to him I looked down and thought MOTHER FUCKER. My spare tire is rotten!!! Yep. Damn thing had a bulge and the tread was splitting.... I ran through some thoughts in my head, "Chance it? I'm only 20 minutes away....can drive slowly on the backroads... no, thats dumb.... it's about ready to pop....Do we have another spare tire at home that I don't know about? OH WAIT THATS RIGHT. I HAVE 2 SPARE TIRES!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE OK.....YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! BRAND NEW TIRE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

And that is why having 2 spare trailer tires is a necessity with your trailer :)

(also side note another good reason is usually when one blows it might take out the 2nd tire or if you hit something that punctures your tire it's probably going to puncture both tires....ask my mom how she knows...which is also why I have 2 spare tire spots in my trailer!)