Thursday, May 11, 2017

Chimi the Quirkster and Ribbon Hater

Show jumping at the Fork HT at TIEC

I really do love my horse. In the 4 years I've own him, he's improved sooooo much. He went from a horse that tucked his nose between his knees and wouldn't look where he was going to a horse that figures out where I'm looking and pulls me to the jumps (no joke- I've sighted onto Prelim jumps before b/c I was trying to go around them and I could feel Chimi lock on!) But my perfect pony also has a lot of quirks. He's so easy going and I feel completely safe around him but there are a few things that are No No's when it comes to Chimi. Unfortunately theses tend to show up at shows....

Who me? But I look so innocent!!!

Bit Checks- DO NOT approach my horse quickly otherwise he will give you the hairy eyeball and run backwards with his head straight up in the air. We found this out at The Fork HT when the well meaning but horse sense lacking Bit Checker tried to stick her gloved finger in Chimi's mouth. It didn't help that the wind was gusting at 20+mph and the dressage arenas were in a wind tunnel so Chimi was a bit edgy anyways. The bit checker for our ring was not a horse person and when I went to get checked I tried to say "Go slow, he's quirky" she had already apprached Chimmers from the front left and shoved her finger in his mouth, which made his head shoot up and him jump backwards. After that he said FU and wouldn't let her get anywhere near his face. I just politely said I'll come back after our test b/c it wasn't working out. I really don't think I have ever had a bit checker be so bad at an event before!

Dramatically staring off into the horizon

Ribbons- Do not attach to any part of him or to the mounted rider. Bad things will happen. I found out about this issue at the FENCE HT during the award ceremony! Up to then I had only ever won ribbons at shows where XC was held last. So there wasn't a victory gallop at those shows and Chimi mostly held himself together when I put the ribbon on his halter for a photo. So I knew going into the award ceremony that I couldn't attach the ribbon to his bridle. When they called me for 6th place I took the ribbon and put it on my breastplate right by his withers. I could feel him being a bit jumpy at first but then settle down. Then it was time for the victory gallop. As we headed out after 5th place I could feel Chimi tense up under me. When we were moving faster than a halt he wasn't so sure about the ribbon. I asked him to canter forward and the poor guy politely cantered for about 3 steps before breaking back to the trot with his head stuck up in the air and his ears flipped back listening to the flapping of the ribbon tails. Everytime I asked him to canter he politely cantered but I couldn't keep him going for more than 3 steps. I finally gave up and laughed at our victory "trot".

We almost made it all the way around the arena and was approaching the gate when all of a sudden Chimi leaped into the air and went BAM BAM BAM and started bucking like a mad man. Chimi can buck like a son of a gun and there's very little chance of me staying on when he does buck. So off I go and land on my butt in the middle of the arena! I survived the entire weekend only to fall on my ass in the Victory Gallop!!!!!!! What the Hell???? I couldn't stop laughing because seriously, WHO FALLS OFF IN THE VICTORY GALLOP????? Apparently I do....😂 Chimi was fine and when I turned around he was standing there like a gentleman and had this look on his face like "why are you down there mom??" Horses! That's all I can say :)

Finn laughs at us as Chimi freaks out over the damn ribbon!

There are plenty of other quirks with Chimi but those were two that have stories to go along with them!!! I know now that if (hopefully WHEN) we win ribbons and have a victory gallop I need to wrap the ribbon up and hold it so it won't make funny noises!!!!